Bench Meets the Bench Design Awards 2017 Finalists

Known far and wide for pushing forward the #LoveLocal movement and mindset, BENCH/ is taking things a step further by giving three designers the chance to showcase their wares on a global stage. The clothing and lifestyle brand has put together the BENCH/ Design Awards, an open call for clothing designers nationwide. Here, we introduce […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Pietro Boselli

Words by Cedric S. ReyesTake a seat at Pietro Boselli’s lecture. The world’s hottest math teacher has a few new lessons to teach. In the photo of Pietro Boselli that went viral in 2015, he’s standing before his students, wearing a grey t-shirt and some no-nonsense work trousers. He’s looking down at some documents, and […]

Bench Meets: Michelle Dee

The Bench Blog hears from the model and student Michelle Dee about life as the daughter of a beauty queen. Just a few things that student, model, and social media maven Michelle Dee refuses to compromise: her love of rowdy sports, her degree in psychology, her tendency to travel (a lot), her taste for 90s […]

BENCH MEETS: Dog Days with Andre Drilon

B/Blog meets no less than four Shiba Inus under the care of Andre Drilon, artist, student, and son of an anchorwoman. Get cozy with the Bench Blog as we snuggle up with our favorite personalities and their furry friends. We’re stepping inside the homes of the most exciting individuals today to see their lives through […]

BENCH Meets: Raxenne Maniquiz

Illustrator and unapologetic maximalist Rax Maniquiz talks about her illustrations for Charles & Keith’s new campaign and how she juggles her creative responsibilities. Working a day job has proved to be no problem for Raxenne Maniquiz, graphic designer, illustrator, and side gig goddess. On top of her nine-to-five at Plus63 Design Co., where she currently […]