BENCH/ Fashion Week Day 1: Vania Romoff, Vero Moda, Karen Millen, Kashieca




The BENCH/ Fashion Week opened with the Spring-Summer collection of Vania Romoff. As each model came out with garments that flowed with their every movement, it seemed as though time slowed and a fairytale unfolded in front of the audience’s eyes. The collection had numerous unique looks.

The gown that was particularly captivating, which made the audience gasp and chatter excitedly was the blue gown with a split front skirt. The look was especially fairytale-like because of its ballgown shape, and ruffles. Another remarkable look from the collection were the floor-length kimono-like tops that would open at midriff. When the models would stand still these tops would appear to be like dresses.

Form + Function. The drawback of wearing gowns and dresses would usually be its lack of pockets, but a notable feature of most gowns in the collection is its pockets. The collection of Vania Romoff revolutionizes the classic cuts, styles, and functions of gowns, dresses, and blouses.





Vero Moda’s Spring-Summer collection uncovered a variety of clothing styles, from dresses to crop tops to long sleeves. Their designs stuck to more of what’s trendy in today’s fashion world more than reeling out classic looks. What did stand out from their collection was its use of bright summery colours, particularly red and the trending Gen-Z Yellow.





Compared to the collections of other brands that day, Karen Millen’s Spring-Summer collection featured mostly dark and powerful outfits.

All the featured dresses would shape the body to make the wearer appear slimmer by accentuating the waist with belts and prints. One particular dress did so by having a partial display of solid color that highlights the waist, and gives off the illusion of a smaller frame. Another dress rather than depending on prints used asymmetrical cuts. Contrary to the figure hugging dresses, the collection featured baggy sweaters in different designs.




The finale of Day 1 with the Kashieca muses – Carla Abellana, Bea Alonzo, Kelsey Merritt, and Liza Soberano – modeling the Kashieca Spring-Summer collection. The show opened with Liza Soberano in a little black dress. Carla Abellana wore camo green co-ords, and accessorized with a layered necklace. Kelsey Merritt wore a black striped romper, and added a splash of color with her red scarf. Although, the three aforementioned muses wore classic and minimalistic designs, Bea Alonzo’s outfit leaned towards more of a trendy look with her intricate floral off-shoulder.

The use of florals as a motif for a spring collection is nothing revolutionary. However, because of how Kashieca designed their clothes, even floral looks fresh and new. The clothes vary from dresses to blouses to skirts. A noteworthy piece would be the off-shoulder below the knee dress, that is simple yet sexy.

Polos are usually associated with corporate and formal events, but Kashieca was able to showcase different designs of polos to bring more style and chicness to the classic top. One design was made to make a polo into a dress by making it oversized and knee-length. Another notable design would be the red polo with the already sewed in scarf.

Kashieca was able to show in their collection that the ordinary or even old-fashioned can be made into something novel and chic. Their collection was a great ending to the first day of the fashion week.








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