In the bag: your everyday commute kit

Photography by Renzo Navarro
Styled by Lorenz Namalata
Art Directed by Mags Ocampo
Words by Cedric S. Reyes

Three things you need to get around our city in one piece.

There’s only so much that clothing can do about our weather (damp, unpredictable, hot to the point of hostility). They’re our first line of defense against the elements of our tropical city, but sometimes, the shirts on our backs need a little backup. This is especially true when we’re trying to make our way around town.

Commuting in Manila puts even the best weather-appropriate outfit to the test. But it only takes three essential items to stay ready for the road. Here’s how to make your everyday carry work for you.

A sturdy umbrella

It can be tempting to ditch the umbrella in the blistering AM heat, and that’s basic commuting mistake number 1. Check daily weather forecasts for an idea of what the day’s going to look like, but never leave home without an umbrella. And while you’re at it, pack a face towel to soak up the sweat and rain. Your dry back will thank you.

Spare socks

People will be a little shocked to find a pair of fresh fuzzies in your purse. Pay them no mind. Spare socks will feel like a glorious ray of light after you find yourself wading in a flash flood, or even just after a particularly long ride on the train. Keep them separate from your non-undergarment belongings with a small clutch bag.

Your go-to white tee

Stock up on white tees that goes with everything, and carry a fresh one every day of the week. A basic white shirt will make it easier to move between rides, and keep your outfit intact, too. Don’t forget to touch up with your favorite hair product.

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